R20 laser tattoo removal

While there are several different methods used for tattoo removal, the most popular and common is through laser tattoo removal. In fact, the laser method is currently the “gold standard” and other methods are only generally used if laser treatment is unavailable or can’t be used for some reason.

This is because laser removal results in much less damage to the skin, and consequently, less scarring. It is much less painful relatively, and also very effective. However, it does take weeks or months to perform properly.

There is also something called the R20 approach, however. This is essentially the condensing of several treatments into a single session. As a result, there are far fewer sessions needed, and the process can be accelerated radically.

For most people, the question of how much is a tattoo removal will be uppermost. As a result, Tataway in Boston offers a free, online tool that will allow them to give you a free estimate.

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